Steps To Use (For General User)

Step - 1 :

Open web Brower and paste > this link in Browser

Step - 2 :

Now use your username and password to login

Step - 3 :

After login success it will redirect to home panel where all Leave Details will be available.

1) First-Tab (My Leave Details)

In this tab all of your leave details i.e LEAVES TAKEN, LEAVES APPLIED, LEAVES CANCELLED and REJECTED LEAVES will be available

2) Second-Tab (My Leave Statistics)

In this tab all of your leaves counts will be available

3) Third-Tab(Employees)

In this tab all of Employees under you, (means you are the approver) their all Leaves staticstics will be available

Step - 4 :

In My-Details Panel you can change your details which are allowed to change.

Step - 5 :

In Application Panel you can apply for Leave and Work On Off

Leave Application Form

Work On Off Application Form

Step - 6 :

In My-Summery you can check for All Leave Application List and Work On Off list .

1) Leave Application List

2) Work On Off List

Step - 7 :

In Calender Tab you can View Yearly holidays and Week Offs of current Year in Year,Month, Week Options.

Step - 8 :

In This Tab you can Change Your password

Step - 9 :

In This Tab you can Approve WorkOnOff application

For Multiple approve use cntrl +mouse click(select)

For single approve/reject use double click(select)

here you can write note for appove/reject